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Each year the HVEF awards four scholarships to Central High School graduating seniors. The scholarships are publicized through the high school’s counseling office as part of the local scholarship list that is made available to all seniors. The program seeks students who plan to further their education in a 4 year college, 2 year college, trade or professional school. The student should demonstrate substantial talent and deep interest in any area of study.

In 2021, Shriya Karthikvatsan received the HVEF Claude AR Kagan Memorial Scholarship, and Hailey Rose Addonizio, Owen William Seftor, and Michael Joseph Stival each received HVEF Scholarships!

For 2020, the winner of the HVEF A.R. Kagan Memorial Scholarship was Samuel Fowler (upper left)!  The HVEF scholarship recipients were: Morgan Schragger, Eva Nee, and Ryan Mason!

2019 Recipients:  Raaga Singireddy received the HVEF A.R. Kagan Memorial Scholarship, and Sarah Cleveland, William Titus, and Isaac Osborn each received one of the HVEF Scholarships.

2018 Recipients:  Kathryn Genovesi received the HVEF A.R. Kagan Memorial Scholarship, and Ali Schragger, Mark Van Selous, and Brandon Li each received one of the HVEF Scholarships.  

Students interested in applying for 2021 should contact the Central High School counseling office.