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Timberlane Middle School

2020-21 Drum Line
2019-20 Butterfly Garden and Composting (funded by grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals)
2018-19 Glowforge Laser Cutter/Engraver
2018-19 Wireless Weather Station and Wind Turbine
2017-18 Heimat Quartet Program
2016-17 Updated Equipment for StarLab STEM Educational
2015-16 Swivl Video Caption Solution
2015-16 Engineering: Shaking Down the House
2014-15 Production Cutting Tables (Heather Belle - TMS)
2014-15 From Caricatures to Cataracts (Schott/Cariola - TMS)
2013-14 Coping Cat: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Cobb)
2013-14 Density Flow Model Tanks (Iannocone)