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Corporate and Community Sponsors

You or your company can directly enhance our mission and impact the HVRSD schools through our Corporate and Community Sponsorship Program!

Local businesses are an essential part of Hopewell Valley’s current and future economic vitality. We know that a successful community depends upon healthy businesses and a first-rate school system. The Hopewell Valley Education Foundation connects these two groups to advance the mutual goals of community involvement and to enhance educational excellence.

The Foundation’s mission is to enhance students’ scholastic achievements, to broaden their horizons and to instill a love of learning by raising money from a variety of sources, including corporate and local businesses. The funds are used to support all types of initiatives and programs across all schools, as proposed by teachers, staff and school administrators.

This is an incredible opportunity for donors to directly help shape students’ academic experiences. They are our future leaders, business owners and public servants. When they succeed, we all do.

Contact us to find out more about our community sponsorship program.

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of Capital Health -- our very first Corporate Sponsor!